Canada’s justice minister to make announcement in Calgary

Canada’s justice minister is in Calgary Friday to highlight generational fairness.

Minister of Justice Arif Virani is hosting an event at the University of Calgary which the government says will show the recently-announced federal budget’s investments to “restore fairness for every generation by boosting research funding.

The minister is set to speak at 1:30 p.m.

What is generational fairness?

It’s the age-old question — are younger generations better or worse-off than those who came before them?

Millennials and Gen Z versus Baby Boomers isn’t a new topic of conversation, but talks have ramped up following Tuesday’s tabling of the federal budget by Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland.

Younger Canadians were highlighted a lot in the recent plant, including in proposals around housing, climate anxiety, students grants, and interest free loans.

Friday’s Calgary announcement by Virani is expected to add to the conversation even further.

Earlier this week, callers to CityNews660’s Now You Know with Rob Snow, voiced their concerns on the issue.

“I mean I don’t think kids these days don’t have it that hard. In fact, I think maybe they get it a little too lenient because my generation decided not to be strict on their kids. Those kids don’t have any sense of responsibility or respect,” one man said.

“I find today that the kids, they’ve got opportunities, but they don’t want to take them,” added another.

On the other hand, a different caller to Snow’s show, who identified himself as a member of a younger generation, disagreed.

“The money doesn’t add up the same, you basically have to do a 25-year mortgage to get your down payment for the house, so you’re done,” he said.

“We do have it more difficult. I wouldn’t say it’s unfair, but things are harder to reach the same point two generations ago,” a different caller agreed.

With the many layers to this conversation, it’s safe to say the issue isn’t going away any time soon.

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