Cochrane pub unveils new ‘doggy menu’ for pups

Dogs have long been welcome on the patio at Rocky View Brewing Company, but starting next month they’ll be able to order their own food.

“The idea sprung in my head, why not launch a dog patio menu,” says executive chef Darryl Berntsen.

After plenty of research, Berntsen is ready to unveil his delicious doggy dinners to the downtown Cochrane taproom.

“Couldn’t have spices, I know dogs can’t have onions, not too much salt,” he says. “It’s not good to fry the food for the dogs so everything is boiled, baked and reheated.”

The cuisine so far consists of house-smoked bacon, beef liver and rice, chicken liver and rice, peas carrots and rice, and chicken, vegetable and beef bone broth.

And for dessert, bacon and cheddar ice cream made with goat’s milk — or blueberry and cranberry if your pup has a sweet tooth.

“And then I discovered there is dog beer,” Berntsen says, offering a variety of puppy pints if your pooch gets thirsty.

The doggy dinners at Rocky View Brewing Company start on May 1.

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