City of Calgary testing out 160-lb robot lawn mower

The city of Calgary is testing out a commercial-sized autonomous mower for one of the green spaces over the next 30 days.

It’s like a giant Roomba for your yard.

The City of Calgary is testing out a commercial-sized autonomous mower at one of the city’s green spaces. A pilot will launch in mid-May and continue at the single location for 30 days.

The city says the mower operates like an autonomous vaccuum, but is a much bigger size — around the size of wooden pallet. It weighs about 160 lbs. and will be charged at a charging station with a pre-planned schedule.

It’s also equipped with sonar sensors so it knows to slow down when it encounters an obstacle in its path.

“It has been thoroughly tested, otherwise we definitely would not be putting it out in park space,” says Rachel Nuytten with the city. “It also has software that manages the mower. In real-time we know exactly what the status of the mower is.”

The mower aims to keep grass healthier over time through a micro-mulching feature and will keep it at a consistent height through regular trimming.

Once the 30-day pilot comes to an end, the city will review and decide if the robot mowers are a fit for other park spaces.

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