Alberta premier, UCP banned from 2024 Pride celebrations

Alberta's United Conservative Party has been banned from taking part in 14 Pride events this year.

Over a dozen 2SLGBTQ+ groups in Alberta are banning Premier Danielle Smith and the United Conservative Party (UCP) from participating in 2024 Pride events.

The notice released by Queer Citizens United (QCU) on social media has signatures from 14 Pride organizers, which include Calgary Pride, Pride Corner in Edmonton, Lethbridge Pride, and Banff Pride.

QCU says the decision comes from Smith’s “stated intention to infringe on the rights, freedoms, and healthcare of the transgender community in Alberta.”

“Her policies, which do not reflect the desires of the gender and sexually diverse community, contradict established medical practices governing transgender healthcare and represent a clear threat to the safety and well-being of our community,” the statement reads.

“Given that no UCP MLAs have expressed their disagreement with these proposed policies, we must extend our decision to the entire UCP caucus.”

“You may not join our celebrations in June when you plan to attack us in September.”

QCU then asks Smith to reconsider the policies she says will be tabled in the legislature in the fall and to have a meaningful discussion with 2SLQBTQIA+ communities.

Smith’s decision at the end of January saw negative reaction from dozens of advocates, researchers, and politicians across Canada, who say the proposed bill has the most restrictive rules against transgender people in the country.

The premier has said the province will require parental consent for students 15 and under who want to change their names or pronouns at school, and added that students 16 and 17 years old won’t need consent, but their parents will have to be notified.

The province also plans to restrict gender affirmation treatments, instruction on gender and sexuality in school, and the participation of transgender women in sports.

The premier says the decision came about after she had discussions with the UCP caucus.

In response to the ban, the UCP says they support and celebrate all Albertans, and “will continue to work towards ensuring that everyone feels valued, respected, and at home in Alberta.”

CityNews has asked the Office of the Premier for comment.

With files from Logan Stein, Phil Wood, and Lauryn Heintz

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