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Chris Bowen


About Chris

Calgary CityNews 660 managing editor and midday anchor Chris Bowen died Monday, July 31 at 38. Raised in Ontario, Chris attended Humber College’s Radio Broadcasting Department beginning in the fall of 2003 and immediately made an impact on his classmates with his wit and dry sense of humour. He excelled in radio and, in his second year, got a brief internship at 680 News in Toronto. In June 2005, he moved to Medicine Hat to work at CHAT radio and TV, where he quickly became a beloved colleague of all those in the station through his reporting on My96 and on the TV station. After months of exploring southern Alberta, he was able to move to Calgary and secure a job at 660 News, where his personality and charm once again made him a popular member of the staff, and he thrived in the newsroom. Chris did pretty much everything over his 17 years at 660 News and CityNews 660. He anchored evenings and weekends and then mid-days, reported on major elections and natural disasters like the 2013 Southern Alberta floods and the 2016 Fort McMurray wildfires and mentored younger broadcasters, all with his trademark humour and funny sayings not far behind. In August of 2022, Chris took another key step in his broadcasting career to become a managing editor and helped to hire many of those on the air today. Born on Dec. 25, 1984, he was a son to Suzanne and David Bowen, a brother to Adam Bowen, a favourite uncle to Arthur, a cousin, a nephew, a godson, and a best friend to many.

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