Little confidence in feds and province at pipeline rally

After the Prime Minister met with Premiers Rachel Notley and John Horgan in Ottawa Sunday, a rally in support of pipelines and in opposition to the carbon tax was held in downtown Calgary.

Organized by Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant, it featured several speakers, including Strathmore-Brooks MLA Derek Fildebrandt, who is now an independent after being booted from the UCP for breaking the law.

People carried signs labelling Notley and Justin Trudeau as liars, calling for an end to the carbon tax, and indicating that Alberta is close to becoming a socialist country like Venezuela.

There was not a lot of confidence in the developments in Ottawa, where Trudeau and Notley agreed to get the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion built, possibly by directly investing in the project.

“I don’t believe so, no, and I don’t see why that if they let it go, then private investment will take care of it,” said Earnie McCutcheon.

“The federal government is the one with all the power, and they’re not stepping up to the plate,” added Henny Vaandering

While most of the talk targeted the Prime Minister and Alberta’s premier, there’s also a lot of disdain for the current British Columbia government.

“You know, those little s—- export more coal out of Tsawwassen, and is coal not a bad thing?” said Barry.

There’s also many calls for the carbon tax to be repealed, because many believe that is part of what is holding back the project.

“Well they promised us, if there was a tax put in place, then the pipeline would be built. Well, the pipeline’s still not built, but we’re paying taxes,” said Lee.

Concerning the protestors preventing construction in Burnaby, some people — including Levant — essentially called for martial law and the military to go in to forcibly remove them.

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