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Elections Canada employees won’t need to be vaccinated to work Sept. vote

EDMONTON (CityNews) ─ Elections Canada is currently recruiting poll workers for next month’s federal election.

But while government employees will soon be required to be fully vaccinated, it isn’t required for those working on Election Day.

Elections Canada says it has been working closely alongside public-health authorities to ensure voting in the federal election will be safe, despite the decision not to require polling officers get vaccinated against COVID-19.


The agency says it is anticipating most Election Day workers will be vaccinated, given the vaccination rates across Canada.

“There will be many health and safety measures in place to protect not only our voters, but we are committed to protect our workers as well,” said Leanne Nyirfa, regional media advisor for Elections Canada.

“This includes things like physical distancing in place, plexiglass barriers where we can separate the workers, hand sanitizer, very frequent cleaning, and single-use pencils have also been ordered for people to mark their ballot.”

CityNews spoke to a few Canadians on the streets of Edmonton to see how they felt about Elections Canada’s decision.

“If they’re wearing a mask, it shouldn’t be an issue,” said one.

Added another: “I think people should have the right to choose what they do. If they want to get vaccinated to feel safer, then all the power to them.”

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Due to the pandemic, mail-in voting is expected to surge this election.

“I’ll do it in person, personally,” said one Edmontonian. “By now people should feel safe.”

Elections Canada needs around 250,000 workers this election. To be hired as a poll worker, you must be at least 16 years old on Election Day, must be a Canadian citizen and are required to wear a mask at all times.

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