2021 Municipal Election breakdown: Ward 2

Infrastructure and traffic are concerns for many in ward two this upcoming election, but as Tara Overholt reports this election may be a referendum on councillor Joe Magliocca.

CALGARY — From as far west as Royal Oak, to Evanston in the north, 12 communities make up ward two in the northwest.

While traffic concerns have been an issue, as large infrastructure projects like the Stoney Trail interchange are changing the way residents are getting around, one of the greatest controversies for the ward, has been with Councillor Joe Magliocca.

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Political scientist Lori Williams says representation and council function will be front and centre this election.

“We have seen misuse of funds which will likely be the focus in wards two and 10 because the councillors there were associated with questionable managing of taxpayers’ money.”

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Elected in 2013, Magliocca was the centre of a spending scandal at City Hall that saw him pay back thousands in travel and business hospitality meeting expenses.

Magliocca has deep ties to the ward.

Prior to being elected in 2013, he served as the president of the Hamptons Community Association.

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