Rob Schneider tweets support of Alberta Premier Danielle Smith

Rob Schneider, star of films such as Deuce Bigalow and The Animal, praised Alberta’s Premier, Danielle Smith, with a tweet on Sunday following the United Conservative Party (UCP) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Edmonton.

In it, Schneider calls Smith a “real leader,” and shares a nearly two-minute clip of Smith delivering a speech to caucus members in Edmonton on Saturday about the sovereignty act she plans to implement.

“When Ottawa announces policies and laws that attack our economy or violate the rights of our people, or when Ottawa seeks to take control of our sovereign areas of provincial jurisdiction, our UCP government will not enforce those laws and policies in this province. Period,” Smith said, which was received with applause.

“Let me be clear, I will never, never apologize for standing up for the people of Alberta and the province I serve.”

She says work has already begun on the act, and that it will be delivered when she gains a seat in the legislature. Smith is running in the Brooks-Medicine Hat riding.

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“We will then introduce it. We will pass it. And we use it to push Ottawa back into its own lane every single time that they step out of line and intrude on our constitutional rights,” Smith said.

“Alberta will no longer ask for permission from Ottawa to be prosperous and free.”

Schnieder, a U.S. citizen from San Francisco, California, has made numerous tweets about the “Freedom Convoy” that passed through the country early in the year.

Some people responded by saying the premier was not elected by Albertans and still needs to win a seat in the legislature.

At the UCP AGM on Saturday, on top of giving a pro-Alberta speech that spoke of the sovereignty act, she talked about improving ambulance wait times and critical race theory in schools.

“To address emergency room wait times, we’ll improve the triage on the front end, while ensuring that those in need of additional care, but not in need of a hospital bed, are moved to more appropriate facilities and supported there,” Smith said.

“Once the world knows this well that we won’t have vaccine mandates I suspect that those who have been fired in other jurisdictions will find a home here.”

She also said the province will not implement any vaccine mandates in the province come this fall, saying that “we know a lot more about this virus,” something she says Alberta’s health minister Jason Copping is in agreement with.

“It is mutated, we have effective therapeutic treatments. There will be no restrictions related to COVID-19 in particular in the fall,” Smith said.

The province has nearly 5,000 deaths due to COVID-19, and there are 1,070 in hospital, with 33 people in intensive care, according to statistics from Oct. 19 from the province.

-With files from Sarah Chew

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