Calgarians call on city to reverse parking fees

If you live in one of Calgary’s residential parking zones, you might be in for a surprise when you go to renew your permits. Tate Laycraft has more on residential parking fees and the people pushing to reverse them.

By Tate Laycraft

Calgarians are asking the city to reverse parking fees, as the cost doesn’t seem “reasonable.”

“They’re not trying to solve the parking issue. They’re trying to generate income,” said Brenda Tackaberry who has launched a petition to reverse the fees.

“It doesn’t seem very moderate or reasonable.”

The petition has generated almost 5,000 signatures in a matter of two weeks.

“No one’s really been notified. There haven’t been any signs on the boulevards, there hasn’t been a mail drop indicating that these changes are coming. So, I think most people are a little surprised,” Tackaberry said.

For years, up to two parking permits were provided to people living in residential zones; however, the new permit price structure that was first introduced in January doesn’t actually impact people until their current permit expires. With the new structure, residential zone residents will be charged $100 for their first permit, $150 for the second, and $250 for the third. Another reality comes with a maximum of two visitor parking permits that cost $150 each.

“That’s definitely a big jump in cost from free to that number. If they want to do something like that and change it, they definitely need to give people a lot of heads up,” said a Calgary resident.

According to the city’s website, the previous residential parking program operated at a financial loss. They say the new permit fees provide increased opportunity for surplus revenue, which can be reinvested into community improvements.

But for Tackaberry, it’s just one more hurdle in the rising cost of living.

“My property taxes increased 15 per cent this year… I feel like my property taxes and the substantial amount of money that I pay to the city should cover parking on my street,” Tackaberry said.

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