Moose dies from stress after wandering into Calgary neighbourhood

A moose that wandered into Calgary’s southeast Sunday has died, because of the crowds of people trying to get a good picture of it.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Services (FWES) says in a statement to CityNews that the animal was in such a state of stress and exhaustion after the ordeal, it died.

The agency says it received several reports about an adult cow moose causing property damage, including breaking through fences and trying to jump a six-foot concrete retaining wall next to Deerfoot Trail in McKenzie Lake.

Officers attended the scene and found the animal bedded down between two houses and fences, according to the FWES.

They then gave the animal time and space to calm down.

Calgary police were also on scene to help with crowd control and close down nearby roads to prevent further stress on the moose.

After it seemed to calm down, FWES says officers immobilized the moose to try and relocate it away from the residential area.

“However, due to this period of extreme stress and exhaustion, the moose died from capture myopathy, which is a fatal condition that causes serious muscle damage resulting from extreme exertion, struggle or stress,” the agency said in a statement.

Fish and wildlife authorities are also reminding the public that most towns and cities in Alberta continue to develop on land which was previously untouched wildlife habitat.

This, combined with increasing urban park networks, means it is easy for moose and other wildlife to wander into populated areas as they look for food.

Animals should always be given space, it adds.

If you encounter wildlife in distress or a wildlife emergency, call the nearest Fish and Wildlife office for advice or contact the 24-hour Report A Poacher line at 1-800-642-3800.

FWES says not to approach the animal to take photographs.

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