Calgary renters rally for corporate landlord restrictions

A tenant advocacy group is calling for more affordable housing options while limiting market power for corporate landlords. Tate Laycraft has more from the demonstration.

Calgary renters are calling for more affordable housing options as part of a nationwide movement against corporate landlords.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, otherwise known as ACORN, inspired multiple demonstrations across Canada Monday.

As protestors rallied in the city’s downtown, renters said too many properties are being used as corporate investment tools.

“My rent has been raised continuously with sleezy business practices by those I have to rent from and it’s left me in a situation where — even in my young age of 18 years old — I do have to consider the potential situation of homelessness,” said Chance Gillcash of Calgary ACORN.

According to the Calgary Foundation’s quality of life report, 36 per cent of Calgarians struggle to afford rent, while the average monthly cost of a one bedroom apartment in the city has jumped 13 per cent since 2022.

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“We need more funding for more affordable housing, and those affordable housings should also be accessible,” said Calgary ACORN member Kavin Sheikheldin.

As part of the demonstration, ACORN delivered some 400 tenant testimonials to the Canada Housing and Mortage Corporation (CMHC), as well as Liberal MP’s offices across the country.

It’s their hope the personal sharings will help to introduce corporate regulations for affordable housing ownership.

“We need, at the very least, significant government action to not permit the housing market to continue this continuous campaign of greed,” Gillcash said.

When it comes to local conversations, Calgary city council is scheduled to explore the future of its affordable housing model on Tuesday.

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