Calgary airport to introduce new taxi fee

Taking a cab to the airport in Calgary will cost travellers more starting next year.

The Calgary Airport Authority says starting Jan. 15, 2024, it will introduce a $4.00 drop-off fee for all taxis coming to YYC Calgary International Airport and reduce its pick-up taxi fee from $5.00 to $4.50.

It explains the inbound fee will be applied across the airport campus, which is contained by Aero Drive/11 Street and adjoining properties on the west, down to McKnight Boulevard, to McCall Way and adjoining properties, and the terminal.

Vice President, Commercial, Strategy, and Chief Financial Officer Rob Palmer says that revenue collected from the fees is “reinvested in improvements to our facilities and operations to ensure guests have safe, efficient experiences.”

The airport authority says the combined rates are in line with combined ride-share fees and will “create a level playing field for taxis and ride-share companies operating on the airport campus.”

It explains inbound and outbound fees from taxi and ride-share operators are collected by the airport authority and are paid for by passengers.

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