Calgary’s official flag comes under fire on social media

Calgary’s official flag has been flying high for nearly 40 years. Now the flag’s design is a topic of debate on social media. As Jasmine Vickaryous reports, some are calling for a redesign.

Controversy is stirring over Calgary’s official flag.

Some are calling for newly elected mayor Jyoti Gondek to add updating the flag to her long list of priorities, while others like it the way it is.

The flag has been flying high for nearly 40 years, but recently, the flag’s design has been questioned on social media.

Some are calling for the flag to be updated, comparing the logo to the popular fast food chain, Arby’s.

Others praise the flag for its simplicity.


One flag expert says the Calgary flag meets the five principles that define a good flag

“It’s simple, it has meaningful symbolism, it has few colours, no lettering or seals… and it’s distinctive,” said Ted Kaye.

But, some question if the flag still accurately represents the culture of the city.

“Right now, what our flag is telling us is that the essence of what’s important is our western heritage and I think a lot of Calgarians are ready to challenge that assumption,” said AnneMarie Dorland, an Assistant Professor in the Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University.

The white cowboy hat is a staple of the annual Calgary Stampede, with the City of Calgary explaining it’s an iconic symbol of the city.

“Obviously, Calgary is much more than the Stampede,” said Kaye. “It’s much more than the white hat for visitors, but the white hat is unique to Calgary, so it is a very effective symbol.”

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