Calgarians rally in support of abortion freedom

Chants rang out through the streets of Calgary Sunday as hundreds of people gathered to protest the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade and advocate for easier abortion access in Canada.

Protesters marched from Harley Hotchkiss Gardens through Stephen Avenue and ended up at Olympic Plaza.

Amid chants, people took to the stage, sharing their experiences and bringing attention to the lack of abortion access across Canada.

“A lot of women that live in rural communities have to travel very far distances to get to clinics that are in urban centres, and usually have to leave their family and friends and have nobody to support them through that,” said Autumn EagleSpeaker, a protester at the rally.

Kara Woolsey was one of the many protesters who arrived with signs, passion, and a story to share.

“It’s traumatizing, it’s disheartening, and overall I am just full of absolute rage.” 

Woolsey recounted how she received an abortion at 15 years old.

“I deserved that abortion, I am so thankful for that abortion, and every woman who wants or needs an abortion deserves that health care.”

Calgarians rally in support of reproductive freedom in Canada

Calgarians rally in support of reproductive freedom in Canada on Sunday, July 3, 2022. (Jillian Code, CityNews Photo)

Woolsey added she’s grateful for the support of rally-goers.

“Today was a really hopeful day, that people were able to go up on stage and say ‘I had an abortion and it saved my life, I had an abortion and it made my life better.’”

Krisyln Jhet, an organizer of Sunday’s rally, said she was proud of how many Calgarians came out to support those who have lost reproductive freedom in the United States.

“They are losing access to safe abortions,” Jhet said. “This will not stop abortions, this is only going to encourage unsafe abortions. We cannot lose that in Canada and we will not lose that in Canada.”


Organizers told the crowd the best way to ensure abortion access in Canada is at the ballot box, and to be informed about each politician’s stance on reproductive health care.

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