What Roe v. Wade means for Canada

By The Big Story

After nearly 50 years, the repeal of Roe v. Wade happened on June 24th. Immediately, reproductive rights advocates took to the streets in America to protest the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision. Here in Canada, and across the world, people also took to the streets in solidarity on both sides of the issue.

In Canada the worry isn’t as much over losing the right to abortion — in 1988 abortion was decriminalized. The worry is how our neighbours to the south might start to sway the political and ideological arguments around reproductive rights taking place within our borders.

Canada is also accepting of those seeking abortions coming our way from the U.S. What will that mean for an already taxed healthcare system? What happens next? How does this play out? And what other choices are left for people seeking abortions?

Today, guest host Garvia Bailey, speaks with investigative journalist Hilary Beaumont to discuss.

“Really what it ends being is this major access of these abortion deserts where you no longer have clinics available to people, so that’s mainly that’s how it’s becoming criminalized, that there are no longer providers that can do those procedures or prescribe abortion pills,” said Beaumont.

Guest host: Garvia Bailey, journalist, and co-founder of Media Girlfriends based in Toronto.

Guest: Hilary Beaumont, investigative journalist based in LA.

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