Calgary Zoo celebrates National Bison Day

Today is National Bison Day, and the Calgary Zoo took to Twitter to celebrate the day, shedding light on the importance of its conservation.

“Happy National Bison Day!” said the zoo.

The zoo adds bison were on the brink of extinction 100 years ago, triggering conservation efforts across Canada to save the species.

Bison play an important role in the balance of nature, and are also considered sacred in many Indigenous communities.


Currently there are 2,200 plains bison and 11,000 wood bison roaming in the wild in Canada, however, this is a small number, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada (WCS).

The species is still considered vulnerable because of habitat loss and disease.

“One of the biggest factors limiting further recovery of bison is the loss of grasslands across the west grasslands are now one of Canada most endangered habitats,” said WCS on their website.

National Bison Day is an annual day signifying the American Bison.

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