Sean Chu allegations involving a minor treated seriously, CPS says of 1997 investigation

Calgary police say allegations about a city councillor were handled appropriately during his time on the force.

Councillor Sean Chu was at the centre of a recent CBC story, which alleged Chu had been disciplined for having a relationship with a 16-year-old girl while he was a police officer.

Police say when the allegations first surfaced years ago, they were treated seriously.

“We want to reassure Calgarians that when this matter came to light in 1997 it was taken seriously by the service and managed in accordance with the Police Act and Criminal Code,” reads a statement from the Calgary Police Service.

CPS says the legal matter is “complex” involving “multiple complaints”.

The police department says to different aspects of this matter which were appealed to the Alberta Law Enforcement Review Board.

“One of those decisions was overturned by the Alberta Court of Appeal. Ultimately, one allegation of misconduct was sustained through our internal disciplinary process.”

CityNews has been unable to verify the findings of the internal review.

Chu released a statement in response to the CBC story over the weekend, saying the story misrepresents facts.

“These allegations misrepresent the truth of the matter and come at a time meant to hurt me the most in this campaign,” he said.

“The allegations made against me are more than 24 years old and were resolved at the time.”

He goes on to explain that he didn’t realize the girl he was with was underage.

“In 1997 (when I was 34), I met a woman at a licensed establishment where all persons are required to be 18 years of age of older and show identification, confirmed by a witness. The complainant appealed the decision to the Law Enforcement Review Board (LERB). LERB and the complaints were again dismissed, a further investigation subsequently confirmed the dismissal. The Court of Appeal denied permission to appeal in 1999,” he said.

“During this investigation, I underwent a polygraph test (at my request), which confirmed my account. No charges were laid.”

Chu has been a city councillor representing Ward 4 since 2013. He’s up for re-election Monday.

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